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If you’re anything like me and need to do a little last minute shopping before spring break, check out the best bathing suit shops for the season!

1. Asos, http://us.asos.com/women/swimwear-beachwear/cat/?cid=2238

Asos offers a huge variety of suits that will fit just about any body and budget! They also sell bra-sized swimwear in every pattern and color imagineable. 

2. Beverly Swimwear, https://beverlyswimwear.com/

This swimwear line has an incredible beachy west coast vibe and we absolutely love it!

3. Target, http://www.target.com/c/swimsuits-women-s-clothing/-/N-5xtbw

Target is one of the most reliable and easiest places to find affordable cute bathing suits! They have trendy patterns and it’s definitely the go to place for a suit-shopping spree.

4. Jolyn, http://jolynclothing.com/

Not many people have heard about Jolyn but they sell awesome sporty bathing suits that come in a rainbow of color options! It’s an up-and-coming sleek athletic swimwear company!

5. Aeire, https://www.ae.com/swimwear/web/s-cms/8180035?cm=sUS-cUSD&navdetail=mega:cat8180035

Aeire has pretty patterns and cool silhouettes with prices that make you want to buy three suits instead of one! They also have free shipping and returns on swimwear!

6. Missguided, https://www.missguidedus.com/clothing/swimwear?gclid=COKp3KboztICFZmCswodDNgKiQ

Not only does Missguided have fun graphic suits and a ton of different stlyes and patterns, they also have a 40% off discount for students! So go quick and make the best of that deal!


As a college student I feel like I am always running on a budget, so hopefully these six bathing suit locations help you feel cute and ready for spring break just like they helped me!

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