John Lidgett '15

Full Name: John Edward Lidgett

Major: English

Hometown: Calgary Alberta Canada

Relationship Status: Taken

What you do on campus: I play on the hockey team and once the season is done you can find me on the golf course trying not to be terrible.

Celebrity crush: Carrie Underwood, Emma Watson

3 words to describe yourself: haha I have no idea, going to leave this one blank!

Pet peeve: Frank Dining Hall

Guilty pleasure: Candy

What do you want to do when you “grow up”? Play hockey or coach

Favorite TV show: Friday Night Lights

Who is the coolest person you’ve ever met? My father, I have never seen the guy without a moustache

Favorite quote: You always get out what you put in

A fun fact about yourself: I love to read in my spare time

Best memory at Colgate so far: SPW last year! I didn’t really believe people when they said how much fun it would be