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It’s Time to Plan that Spring Staycation!

I know, I know. It seems like all of your friends are getting ready and counting down the days for that tropical escape to the white beaches of Mexico. You keep getting more and more jealous of the bikinis and sundresses that are arriving daily in the mail room. But, don’t fret; here are some fun ideas to make your staycation just as fun and relaxing!

1. Treat yourself to a nice bottle of self-tanner. Everyone knows the biggest perk of spending spring break in the tropics is coming back with that perfect tan. At least you can pretend your days were spent in the hot sun…without sunburn risk! (Try Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer – with a tanning mit for best results.)

2. Go on a hike. Spring break almost requires you to spend some time outdoors. It doesn’t have to be in the mid-80s to be relaxing. Anything is warmer than Colgate!

3. Explore spring hues. Spring promises new colors and styles. Stop by your mall and pick up the new Essie collection or shades of lipstick from Sephora. 

4. Have a spa day. It can be DIY with mud mask recipes from Pinterest, or splurge and get pampered. 

5. Check out Groupon. Groupon can offer great deals that allow you to explore your hometown. Local wine tastings, dinner specials, and painting classes are just a few examples of great ways to spend your time. 

6. Never underestimate Netflix. Who doesn’t like binge watching old episodes of Friends?

7. Or the power of a good bookYes Please by Amy Poehler recently was released!

8. Work on your cooking skills. All your roommates will love you even more when you come back from break. Maybe even bring some cupcakes back as a treat! 

9. Spend time with friends and family. You won’t be the only one home, and you know mom and dad will love it. 

10. Catch up on some sleep. Do I need to explain more?

Photo credit: http://www.graboneblog.co.nz

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