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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

If you’ve been outside in the last week, you’re well aware that Colgate might as well have picked up and moved to the Caribbean. 

I mean for the larger portion of my day today, I felt like my body could spontaneously burst into flames at any given moment.

I didn’t realize that I signed up to go to school in Jamaica. But here we are. 

Global warming? 

Who knows. 

What I do know is that it’s nearly October and last year this was for sure sweater weather. Last year my phone was clogged with messages from my mother about how I irresponsibly packed an irrational amount of summer clothes. Now my phone’s barely working because my sweat is dripping through the cracks, slowly wreaking havoc on my battery.

But it’s fine, I’m fine. 

The weather is actually making history here in Hamilton, NY. The Almanac reports the highest temperature for September 25th as 87 degrees, and this year, it was 88 on that day. The same trend has been going on for essentially the entirety of this month. 

September has merely become an extension of the summer…except for the fact that we have to go to class.

Don’t be mistaken, I’m loving the sun, and I’m really not even minding the heinous tan lines I’m amassing. I think it’s more of the “there’s a time and place” concept. 

I mean this is the time for cliché millennials (like yourself) to take Snapchats of their Pumpkin Spice Lattés and post Instagrams going apple and pumpkin picking in their sweaters and boots. If I went pumpkin picking this weekend I think I would pass out from heat stroke trying to carry the pumpkin to my car. 

However, going to the other end of the spectrum is equally as unsettling. The historically recorded low for September 25th in Hamilton, NY is 26 degrees. 

I’ll be honest, it’s just way too early for that. 

The Canada Goose migration should not take place until at least November (honestly December if I could have it my way).

My ideal situation? That it would be sunny with a bit of that crisp fall air. The cool nights that make you throw on a sweatshirt, but the perfect afternoons that allow you to sit outside and enjoy the sights and smells of Hamilton as the leaves change color and the campus is dusted with orange and yellow. 

I know I’ll come back to this article in a few short weeks wrapped in four blankets regretting every word I’ve typed thus far, but until then, I’ll commit to it. 

In fact, that point may be sooner than anyone foresees, according to The Weather Channel’s monthly forecast. It’s predicting that our last licks of the 70 degree weather will be October 10th, and everything from thereon will be 50s. 

So take it all in ‘gate! 

Get as tan as you can before you have to douse yourself in artificial tanner so your pasty pale skin can be distinguished from the snow. Cherish the flip flops and shorts that will undoubtedly have to be traded in for snow boots with multiple pairs of socks and leggings as Hamilton’s infamous winters fall upon us.


Enjoy the record breaking days while they last!!!!