Hukkster Revolutionizes Online Shopping


Hukkster Revolutionizes Online Shopping

Before coming to Colgate I rarely shopped online but spending 8 months a year in Hamilton has forced me to change that. Over the past year and a half I have become an avid online shopper, I mean how better to reward yourself after a tough test than with a new top? While I always enjoy getting new clothes, I often find online shopping to be quite the process. The website Hukkster simplifies this process while saving you money. Hukkster was co-founded by a Colgate alum, Katie Finnegan (’05), who found herself overwhelmed by the number of emails she would receive each day announcing sales. Hukkster was born out of a desire to streamline the notifications she received. Hukkster offers 3 solutions to ease the process of online shopping:

1. Easy Comparison Shopping

 Recently while I was shopping for clothes for spring break I found myself with 8 tabs open on my computer all with different bathing suits because who can make a decision. With Hukkster this is no longer an issue! With the simple click of the “Hukk it” button all your favorite items are stored in a queue where you can view them all later. For those of you, like me, who will be hukking everything under the sun, no need to worry Hukkster lets you organize your items into sub-queues for maximum organization. Now all your options can be viewed in one location for easy and efficient comparisons.

2. Only Relevant Sale Notifications

Dressing trendy while on a college students budget is never easy and figuring out which emails are actually relevant to you can be time consuming. Hukkster greatly simplifies this process. Hukkster will notify you when any item you hukked goes on sale! Since Hukkster will notify you it is no longer necessary to spend precious time monitoring items that you’ve had your eye on but are hoping will go on sale. Hukk some items for formal and who knows by the time it comes around you could get an awesome deal! In addition you will only get emails about items you like, eliminating the need to spend hours filtering through your email.

3. No more Buyer’s Remorse

I know we’ve all received an item we ordered online and wondered what we were thinking. And maybe I’m just lazy but making that trip up to the mailroom to return it just doesn’t seem worth it sometimes. Online shopping is set up in such a way that it is hard to go back to items which we like causing us to often make rash decisions and buy things without really thinking about it. With Hukkster you can eliminate buyer’s remorse. If you save something in your queue and then go back later and still want it then its meant to be, no more impulsive shopping.

Start hukking today, signing up is easy! Just follow this link: and add the hukk it button to your bookmark bar!