How to Embrace the Arrival of Fall!

With the always too sudden disappearance of summer weather and the cooler temperatures coming in, it can be easy to miss out on everything that’s happening around us. Between the cozy sweaters, seasonally flavored drinks and amazing colors, the fall is a beautiful time for central New York. To make sure you fully embrace its beauty and take advantage of all it has to offer, we have brainstormed a list of ideas for you!

Is there anything more classic than apple picking in the fall? Head down to Beak & Skiff Orchards for an entire day of scenic views and delicious apples! Another great location for apple picking, pumpkin picking, and corn mazes is Critz Farms in Cazenovia, NY! They have ongoing activities, special events and entertainment every weekend, so it is a great place to enjoy the wonderful autumn season! For those of you who are able to legally enjoy some cocktails, head down to Owera Vineyard in Cazenovia for great food and fine wine! This restaurant often provides live entertainment and a great atmosphere; it is perfect for a first date! Don’t want to leave campus? No problem! Colgate’s campus has plenty of activities and views to keep you busy!

Take a walk down the infamous Willow Path and enjoy the picturesque lines of trees sprouting eclectic ranges of color.

The Coop fireplace is a perfect place to cozy up and hang out; whether it is in between classes or not, this is a great spot to enjoy a meal and sit with friends!

Support Colgate’s fall athletic teams! This situation is basically a win-win: you get to watch beautiful sunsets and enjoy the outdoor scenery while they get more fans – what could be better?

As we all know too well, fall does not last nearly as long as we wish it would. That being said, we have to take advantage of and appreciate it before we are thrown back into the long, cold months of winter. We hope these ideas motivate you to embrace fall's arrival and to explore all of central New York’s secret beauties before time runs out!