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Hot Dogs or Legs, Meet Your Match

The world confounds us all sometimes. The latest millenial gripe in particular is one that astounds even the most dedicated social media lover. For the mass media world is no longer vying over the determination of those legs as “hot dogs” or those hot dogs as “legs”. If you can’t relate to this anecdote, view the visual representation below. Hot dogs, as of late, are no match for the debate of shine versus paint. You sit there, reading this article with a quite perplexed looked. Thinking to yourself, how can paint (if not particularly glossy) be confused with a glazed-donut-look. And what in the heck does this have to do with legs?!

Well, here you have it. Hot dogs versus legs; versus shiny legs versus painted legs. We know. It’s an inception of itself.

You can now understand the Oscar Meyer aesthetic, hopefully.

Once you see it, you really can’t unsee it, can you?

And where might this debate have arisen? Where else? Instagram. A woman by the name of Hunter Culverhouse posted the photo to Instagram earlier last week, before then taking it down on Wednesday. But like many great things on the Internet, they’re gone but never quite forgotten. The photo sparked such great debate that many critics took to their own forms of social media to spread the illusory phenomenon. 

Culverhouse spoke exclusively to Insider, via email, “[I] had some white paint left on my brush and put random lines on my legs, turned out to be a completely confusing picture for everyone on the internet.” It. Wasn’t. Even. Planned. And now Culverhouse is a social media phenomenon.

Although exceptional, Culverhouse’s post follows a long line of phenomenal social media. Have we so soon forgotten the black and blue dress versus the white and gold dress? That particular illusion continues to leave us here at Her Campus Colgate, utterly mind blown. 

What is quite different about shiny legs versus painted legs is that once you see the paint, you can’t unsee the paint. We know, you just scrolled up and double checked. Quite frankly, so did we. But alas, the legs are forever doomed to their subordinate painted aesthetic – for only that initial quick glance renders those hot dogs or legs that ultra glazed look. Which might bring us to our newest projected phenomenon, twisted glazed donuts or legs?

Go ahead, cross your legs. Then, you tell us.

Morgan is a junior at Colgate University where she majors in Creative Writing and minors in Film & Media Studies.  On campus, Morgan is a New Member Educator for greek life's Kappa Kappa Gamma.  When she's not under stacks of English literature in the library, you can find her watching old reruns of Laguna Beach with her co-correspondent leader, Caroline Parsons.  An avid listener of country music, interior design fanatic, and diehard Bachelor spectator.  Check out the blogs and articles produced by Morgan, Caroline, and their diverse (just as weird) team of writers!
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