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Halloweek: Last Minute Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to figure out your costume. (Where has the semester gone?!) Lucky for us, Halloween extends throughout the week here at Colgate, so it might be getting difficult to put together costumes for all of Halloweek. But, I have 13 suggestions to get you through, and into those costume-required parties. 

  1. Red Solo Cup: A red dress and white letters spelling out SOLO running down the side of the dress (maybe make sure you have a solo cup with you throughout the night).
  2. Adam & (St)Eve: The quintessential Colgate duo. Be the swans (or find some leaves) and get your pic in front of Taylor Lake! 
  3. Disney Princess: Find a dress the color of your favorite Disney princess and any tiara. 
  4. Hershey Kiss: Go buy some tinfoil and wrap yourself in hopes that it won’t tear!
  5. Number 1 Colgate Fan: Anything and everything Colgate (I’m sure those athletes will appreciate ;) )
  6. Witch: I know there are still some witch hats left in town to buy, so snag yours before it’s too late and pair it with your favorite LBD. 
  7. Beach Bum: Tacky tourist, mermaid, lifeguard…anything you brought up in hopes that the warm weather would stay.
  8. Decades: 80s is always my go-to. Find some neon, crops tops, leg warmers, crimped hair, and blue eye makeup and call it a night. 
  9. Angel & Devil: White and red. Halo and horns. 
  10. Anything with colors of the rainbow: Nerds, Skittles, M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, Crayola, etc. 
  11. School Girl: Put your high school plaid skirt to good use. Relive those glory days! 
  12. Grapes: Blow up as many balloons as you can find and attach them all over. Good luck dancing at the Jug, but it’s an A for effort! 
  13. Classic Movies: Risky Business, for example. All you need is a plain white button down and you’re all set!


Image courtesy of: http://asproutingacorn.com/make/a-very-easy-diy-costume/


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