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FORMAL SEASON! Find Your Perfect Date


Two words, ladies: Formal Season.  It’s here and it’s on like Donkey Kong.  Now I know we’re all equally concerned about finding the perfect dress, some rockin’ heels to match, what jewelry we’re going to wear, how to do our hair, etc.  But we’re forgetting about one of the most important aspects of Formal: The Perfect Date.  For any of you who are having night sweats and panic attacks as the days tick by and you still remain dateless: have no fear.  I’ve outlined a few of the best options for the type of boy you should be thinking about asking in order to fit your formal needs.  After all, it’s your night and your date is just as important an accessory as any.


  1. The Fratstar.  No question this guy loves to party.  He’ll know all the words to the jams they’ll be bumpin’ at your formal, can get rowdy with the best of them and will most likely be dancing on any elevated surface available.  If pastel pants, Vinyard Vines and fist pumping aren’t your thing, I’d suggest you steer clear of asking this guy.  But if this all sounds appealing and fist pumping is the key to your heart, ask the Fratstar to your formal and be prepared to keep calm and rage on.


  1. The Best Guy Friend.  Okay, so we know how this night is going to end- you alone in your bed with Slices and snuggling your stuffed animals.  But the Best Guy Friend can be a great option for a date.  No self-consciousness, no awkwardness struggling to make conversation the whole 45-minute bus ride (and probably overdrinking to compensate), and no pressure.  Odds are he’s already friends with a lot of your friends, so you don’t have to worry about paying attention to him the whole time and you two can mingle with ease.  He may not be your prince charming, but the Best Guy Friend is a perfect date for a no-pressure night of fun.


  1. The Athlete.  Alright, personally, this is what I’M talkin’ bout.  If you’re big into the laid back, scruffy, long-hair-don’t-care type dudes with rockin’ bods, the Athlete is the best bet for your formal date.  Sure, they may be a little out there (see: Men’s Ice Hockey), but they’re always down for a good time and more often than not will be the last ones on the dance floor.  So if you’re a dancing queen who wants to get wild for the night, the Athlete is definitely your best bet for a formal date.  Just don’t get jealous when he wants to dance with his teammates more than he wants to dance with you …


  1. The Freshman.  The Freshmeat- I mean, the Freshman is an ideal date if your looking for someone who’s going to be ecstatic to be with you the entire night.  Like a kid in a candy shop, the Freshman is pumped to be on the formal scene and more importantly on your upperclassman arm.  He thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread and will be honored to elbow his way up to the open bar to fetch you drinks all night.  However, be aware of the high possibility of you holding his puke-bucket the whole way home, as this date can potentially get a little carried away at his first formal.  But, if a fresh young face that’s eager to please is what you want in a date, the Freshman is your guy.


  1. The Wildcard.  Now this one takes some guts and a love for the unknown.  That cute guy in your stat class you’ve always wanted to (but never have) talked to, that hot friend of your girlfriend who she’s always been trying to set you up with, the GDI in the environmental club- now’s your moment to finally talk to this guy and see what he’s really like when you ask him to be your formal date.  Who knows, he could end up being the man of your dreams and before you know it you’re running home to kiss on willow path and seal the deal.  OR, he could end up being the man of your nightmares in that he’s rude, boring, or just a total dud of a date.  But that’s the beauty of the wildcard- you never know what you’re going to get.  So if you’re a bold chick who’s got nothing to lose and is ready to take a gamble, ask the Wildcard to formal- if you dare.


So there it is ladies, your guide to formal dates.  Hopefully there’s one amongst these types that will suit all your formal needs.  I wish everyone the time of their lives at formal and hope that your dates are the best of the best!  Be safe and have fun!

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