Flashtat Fail


Metallic temporary tattoos have plagued the nation. You might have, okay by now, you have definitely noticed many Colgate women sporting shiny silver or gold tribal arm bands, known as the flash tat. Thee flashtat phenomenon has brought us back to the days of zip off cargo pant/shorts, Nick Lachey and Survivor Season One. These temporary tats do seem to pop and glow on fresh summer tans but they are a little out of place here in Hamilton. It seems like they were appropriate for your week at the beach or a fun accessory to your Electric Zoo Carnival outfit. As we transition into 50 degree fall weather, I'm beginning to notice flaky flashtats crusting away with the expiration of summer sandals and highlights. Not to mention these 25 cent temporary tats can sell for up to $30 a pop! I don't care how much you love your metallic gold triangle or feather stamp, if it is deteorating off of your arms and crumbling against your arm hair like when you were a 7 year old on a jungle gym with a remanants of a crusty spider-man tattoo, do what your mom would have done and scrub that sh*t off in the bathroom sink.