Fall Fashion Trends: A Guide from Us to You

Fall in Hamilton, New York might call for unpredictable weather forecasts and limited shopping options but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with the latest fashion trends. To help guide you on the latest in every fashion girl’s wardrobe this season, here is the creme de le creme on what you will be seeing up the hill this semester...

1. Statement Pants

It’s time to ring in the new school year with funky patterns that make a statement. Multicolored, striped pants are in and a great way to spice up your outfit while still being comfortable. You can fashion the look in a variety of silhouettes whether they are flowy or fitted, statement pants are a great way to suit up a unique look.

2. Mad for Plaid 

Plaid is a pattern you will be sure to see on campus this fall. From dresses to skirts, checkered clothing is emerging with the trend towards sporting a 90s look. For some more inspiration on incorporating plaid into your wardrobe this fall, check out Clueless for some cute ways to top off your outfit!

3. Vintage Sunglasses 

Speaking of the 90s look… vintage sunglasses continue to dominate the fashion world with their narrow frames and clear tinted lenses. Flip up glasses have come to be especially popular this fall and act as both sunglasses and flat glasses, while still sporting the retro look. Check out Urban Outfitters for some quality double layer lens designs that will add as the perfect accessory to your 90s look.

4. Nike Classics

Both comfortable and stylish, Nike Air Force 1s are spotted all throughout campus. These have been a streetwear staple for decades now and continue to be sported as a trendy look. On a campus filled with countless hills and dreadful stairways, Nike AF-1s are perfect for your daily commute to class.

5. Floral Print 

Floral button-down dresses and tops are the new go-to this season. Carrying on the vintage trend, you will see floral prints all over campus this fall. You can wear this look in a variety of styles that can be dressed up or dressed down, allowing for optimal use of your closet.