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Fall Closet Must-Haves: What everyone needs in their closet this fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

Fall is just around the corner. Along with Halloween, everything pumpkin spice, and Thanksgiving comes a chill autumn breeze. These closet essentials will keep you warm while also staying stylish and having fun with fall fashion!

“Alexa, play ‘Sweater Weather’”

Sweaters are a fall closet staple. While they provide necessary warmth, they are also incredibly versatile! Have fun with bold colors and prints. Black and cream colored sweaters are staples for the season, and pair well with a great pair of jeans. Look for structured sleeves to elevate this basic, and experiment with different necklines like crewnecks, v-necks, and mock turtlenecks. If you’re feeling risqué, opt for a cropped look to show some skin.

Denim all the way!

Now that we have the top half handled, pair your sweaters with a great pair of jeans of any wash. Try a darker blue wash or black to embolden your look. Opt for flares and bootcuts for a trendy style that pairs great with booties. 

Boots Are Made for Walkin’

While a chunky heel can look super cute and trendy, it’s not quite as practical for day to day use – especially when it comes to walking up the Persson steps. When it comes to fall shoewear, comfort is key. Black Chelsea boots and/or Doc Martens are both great options. Doc Martens lace up boots are a wardrobe essential for all seasons. In the fall, layer these lace up boots with a thick sock for added insulation. Doc Martens also makes a good pair of chelsea boots. Bluestone’s Chelsea boots are a great investment; they keep your feet warm, protected, and stylish whether you are taking on a hike at the trails or a hike up the hill to class.  These booties are versatile enough to pair with virtually any outfit! You’ll stay comfortable and stylish whether you’re trekking to class in the fall chill or stomping around a pumpkin patch!

Puffers! Puffers! Puffers!

A good puffer jacket is a must-have for fall. They provide an in-between from a lightweight sweatshirt/jean jacket and a heavy winter coat. Puffers are also a great on-the-go option for college students to throw on before class and hang on the back of their chair during a long lecture. In addition to puffer jackets, pair puffer vests with basic turtlenecks or long sleeves  to elevate an outfit and add an extra layer of warmth. Both matte and shiny puffers are sleek and stylish options. 

Throw some shade

I know it might seem as though we should leave our sunglasses behind. However, they are just as needed during the fall months, particularly during the day when the sun is strong. Protect your eyes from UV rays while adding another stylish element to your outfit. Look for black rather than white or other bright colors to make the look feel more fall-esque and less summer-like. Look for cat-eyes and other accentuated shapes for a fun, retro feel.

While this list is not exhaustive, it will get you started with some must-have items for the fall season. Have fun piecing together some cute, stylish outfits as we approach the colder months! 

Amanda Krowitz is a current sophomore at Colgate University, concentrating in English. Her hobbies include writing for Colgate's student newspaper, reading, and waterskiing.