Faith Benson '14

Name: Faith Benson

Hometown: Allegany, NY

Class Year: 2014

Where you are abroad: Geneva, Switzerland

Major/Minor: International Relations/Middle Eastern Studies

What do you do on campus: COVE, Yes means yes seminars, spinning instructor and Konosioni

Role models: Beyonce and my grandma (shockingly two not entirely dissimilar people)
Fun Fact:
I am currently going on hour 3 of a 27 layover in London. I also love mangos.

One thing you could tell your freshmen self:
Take a class with professor Loe SOONER than sophomore year!

Faith's Favorite...

Quote: Anything that comes out if Jennifer Lawrence's mouth
Aside from mangos...I do love a good kebab
Movie: Empire records (open till midnight!)
Hamilton Restaurant: Does Gilligans count as Hamilton? If not, Whole Foods definitely comes in second
Place on Campus: The field behind the running trails
Moment at Colgate: The first day back every year when all of my friends are reunited!

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