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Dena Bodian

Dena Bodian
What She Does On Campus:She is the new Rabbi at Colgate University. Her official title is Associate University Chaplain and Director of Jewish Life.
Education:Bryn Mawr with a major in Growth and Structure of Cities and a minor in Art History
What She’s Most Excited About (it is her first year here!):Getting to build real relationships with students. She is also advising MSA and HSA.
What She’s Most Concerned About:The hills!
What She Did Before Coming To Colgate:Worked at a Synagogue in Chicago where she taught adult education, was interim principal, and ran a conversion program.
What She Plans On Doing This Year To Get Students Involved:Shabbat 101 paired with different cultural groups. For example, Shabbat 101 with Indian and Korean food.
Two Fun Facts:She had a pet duck and knows sign language!

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