Delayed Fall Recruitment: An Insider Look at Greek Life at Colgate

Colgate's Greek System is unique in that it has a delayed recruitment process. This gives Colgate students a chance to build their own relationships and experiences their first year before making a decision if, or which house, they want to rush. As recruitment occurs every fall, we thought it would be of interest to interview one of Colgate’s Greek organization’s presidents in order to hear some insider details. Lindsey Derbyshire (’18) is the president of one of Colgate’s three sororities, so I asked her some questions about her role and the recruitment process.


What do your responsibilities as president entail?


“I run and attend weekly meetings, like chapter, which every member attends, and other meetings with our internal committees. I also meet with Colgate administration and other chapter presidents on a bi-weekly basis. Additionally, I help plan and manage any major events that we plan or take part in, like philanthropy events and recruitment.”


What is your favorite part about recruitment?


“It’s a great opportunity to meet people I never would have met before. Also, even though it is stressful on both sides of the process, not to mention extremely time consuming, it’s a great chance for us to bond within our chapter, because we quite literally spend most of our days and nights together for a whole week.”


What are your thoughts on Colgate’s policy of having delayed rush?


“I really like the delayed rush process because it gives everyone a chance to make friends on their own that aren't defined by Greek affiliation. If at the beginning of sophomore year you decide to rush, that’s awesome! It really only gives you the chance to expand, rather than narrow, your horizons.”


What is the next biggest thing you are looking forward to or planning for?


“I’m really excited to meet our new member class! I also am excited to hopefully help our chapter, along with our philanthropy chair, to get involved in some new philanthropy efforts on campus.”


Are there any things left on your checklist before a new president is elected?


“Elections will be here before I know it, but technically we don't officially transition until the end of the semester. Now that recruitment is over, only a few major events are left on our calendar until then. Philanthropy events and the initiation of our new member class will be my main focus.”



Clearly being the president of Greek organization on campus is a huge responsibility, but helping form new bonds and initiate philanthropic events are quite rewarding. I want to give a huge thanks to Lindsey for giving us some insight into the logistics of Greek life. And, congratulations to all the new members across the board on campus!


(Lindsey Derbyshire (right) and her biological AND Greek sister Hannah (left) in front of their sorority house on campus)