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Colgate University Lingo Defined

Going off of Her Campus’ The Collegiate Dictionary: College Lingo Defined http://www.hercampus.com/high-school/collegiette™-dictionary-college-lingo-defined, we decided to personalize one for Colgate University. This way, those confusing and embarrassing first few weeks for first-year students are a little easier and upperclassmen can refresh themselves with the Colgate lingo! And, of course, there are thirteen defined words, what else do you expect from Colgate students?
1) Adam & (St) Eve – The beloved swans who swim in Taylor Lake. Comically, the school rents theses swans each year.

Right: Adam & (St)Eve in Taylor Lake
2) The Barge (or Barge Canal) – the local café that is probably the closest thing to a Starbucks. Live music is often featured here, so check out the performance schedule on the Barge Canal website (www.bargecanal.com)!
3) The Cruiser – a.k.a. “the Drunk Bus”, is a school-sponsored shuttle that runs between establishments downtown and the Colgate campus. Although not the most reliable, the Cruiser is a lifesaver on those brutal winter nights.
4) DanceFest – the semi-annual, once-a-semester dance recital in the chapel. You don’t want to miss this as it is one of the most entertaining performances hosted on campus!
5) The Edge – the on-campus “restaurant-style” dining option. Located in Bryant Hall.  Remember to make a reservation ahead of time to ensure you have a table!
6) Frank – Curtis E. Frank is the main dining hall on campus. Students can be found eating, socializing, and doing homework here. This was also home to last years flash mob dance performance. Be prepared for lunch hour chaos.
            Frinking – the act of consuming alcohol while at Frank.
            Frunking – the act of being at Frank while intoxicated.
7) Fraturday – Although not every Saturday, this term is used to describe the Saturdays on which Fraternities host open day parties. Don’t be afraid to check these out because they can be some of the best parties.
 8) ‘Gate – Colgate’s nickname. Let’s Go ‘Gate!

Below: an image of Campus and Case Library from “down the hill”. 

 9) The Jug – the unique bar downtown for Colgate    students only. Remember to bring your real license  along with your Colgate ID. Freshman, look out for  announcements regarding Freshmen Nights at the  Jug, most likely starting after parents weekend. Oh,  and wear a jacket you don’t care about…
 10) O’Connor Campus Center – a.k.a. The Coop, the  student center that houses a dining hall, the Coop  Convenience store (buy all your essentials here!), the  post office, the travel center, a computer lab, the            Colgate radio station, and a lounge room. We  personally recommend the fro-yo with crushed M&Ms!
11) Slices – the late night pizza locale in town. Hit it up after your night downtown. Be prepared, slices come plain only!
12) Taylor Lake – the body of water at the base of the hill. Although it may cross your mind to go swimming or boating, Campus Safety threatens to arrest you (though they have failed to catch students many a time). So, swim or boat at your own risk.

Right: two Colgate University students raft on Taylor Lake, Spring Party Weekend 2011
13) Thirteen – Colgate’s lucky number. Note its reoccurrence in Colgate’s history and throughout campus. Fun Fact: Colgate’s zip code 13346 has many references to 13; starting with the number 13 and ending with 3 numbers (346) that add to 13!

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