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Finding love can be difficult, especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic. COVID-19 has really put a damper on opportunities to find “the one.” However, I am happy to inform you (if you didn’t already get a request from them on Instagram) that Marriage Pact has officially come to Colgate. Marriage Pact is a questionnaire that consists of 50 questions, which are then run through an algorithm that matches you with your “perfect match.” Backed by the latest research on romantic compatibility, questions range from demographics, to relationship preferences, to likes and dislikes. After your questionnaire is complete and put through the algorithm, you will get an email with their name, email, compatibility percentage, and a few similarities in your answers—great for conversation starters.

Marriage Pact had an interesting start. In 2017, two Stanford students, as a part of their Econ 136: Market Design class, created this ten-minute questionnaire that any student could complete. By using a custom matching algorithm, they were able to give each participant the name of their best match on campus, down to the percentage. Its first launch was a huge success, with more than half the campus participating. Today, Marriage Pact is a student-run organization expanding to colleges and universities across the country. It has resulted in over 15,000 matches, even including one actual marriage, according to their website.

So if you are tired of searching for “the one” or just sick of using the classic dating apps, try out Colgate Marriage Pact. It gives all students the opportunity to possibly meet their perfect match — or at least find a suitable option to fall back on if other relationships don’t work out: A perfect “marriage pact.”

Jordan Yankee

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Hi! I'm Jordan and I am a sophomore and a Film & Media Studies major.
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