Colgate Day of Impact



Colgate Day of Impact on Colgate Day, Friday, March 13.An act of impact makes a positive difference in the lives of others or the world around you. Students and alumni worldwide will perform acts of impact by attending special events, volunteering in their communities, and performing their own solo acts of kindness — helping a neighbor in need, buying coffee for a stranger, living the spirit behind Colgate Day. Together, we plan to accomplish at least 1,300 of these acts.Visit to register your intended act of impact, to connect with other participants, and to read stories of other alumni who are making their own impact on the world.

By registering the act you intend to perform on or around ColgateDay, you'll help us reach our goal of 1300 acts. By registering early, you'll encourage others to follow your example! After you register, print and fill out the attached sign. Take a picture, post to social media, and challenge 3 friends to register (see the attached example). If you're not very active on social media, forward the launch email to 10 Colgate friends and encourage them to register. If you take a picture with the sign, be sure to send a copy to [email protected]. We'll add it to an album on Facebook so other alumni, students, and parents can be inspired by those who are already participating.


What will you do to impact?