Campus Spotlight: Ruby Diodati

All of the Colgate athletic teams have had some amazing points in their seasons so far, including the women’s soccer team. The Raider Women’s soccer team went undefeated in the month of September and sit at 3-0-1 in the conference. In their last game against American, who they beat 3-1, freshman Ruby Diodati scored her first ever collegiate goal. We sat down with her this week for our Campus Spotlight.


1. How has your transition from high school/club soccer to college soccer been?

My transition has actually been really awesome, I had the chance to play with some amazing players in both high school and club, which really helped me prepare for the college level. Also the team here has been great, they are all so friendly and really amazing teammates which made the transition almost seamless.


2. Walk me through how you scored on Sunday against American. How did it feel to score your first collegiate goal?

It was crazy honestly, I was trying to pass the ball to Leah (Lewis)’s head but happy accidents I guess.


3. What's your go to celebration for the next goal you score?

My go to celebration for the next goal I score would probably be to just focus on not hitting heads with one of my teammates again.


4. Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?

I wear two pair of socks to play in each game, and the ones I wear on game day are actually Sophia Boggs, so every game day she has to throw them into my locker.


5. What's your favorite food at the post game tailgate?

Chocolate milk


6. Do you have any hidden talents your fans should know about?

I can do just about any type of braid.


7. Where is your favorite place to eat in town?

My favorite place to eat in town would probably have to be The Eatery.  


8. Where's your go to study spot on campus?

My favorite study spot on campus is the second floor of the library.


9. Who's your favorite professional athlete and why?

Serena Williams because she is the best and she knows it.


10. What's your favorite sport to watch?

Football, go Patriots!


11. What's your favorite meme?

Tune in to the Women’s soccer team this Saturday, October 6th, at 7:00 pm to catch Ruby and the rest of the team!