Bye Bye Chi

The verdict is in. Colgate University will "no longer recognize" the Gamma Omicron Chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity. The news came soon after a recent investigation found the chapter "in violation of the University Hazing Policy, the University's Relationship Statement, and Colgate’s Code of Student Conduct." The chapter is currently in the process of appealing this decision, with the hopes of keeping their charter alive for as long as they can. The outcome came as no surprise to many students due to the fraternity’s lengthy three year standing on social probation. When the news broke out last week, members of different Greek organizations banded together in support of Sigma Chi. “It’s sad to think that one of the oldest frats on this campus will no longer be here, I can’t imagine how devastated I would be if my chapter got kicked off and I just had to move somewhere else and basically change my entire life here,” said one Greek student about the news of their recent expulsion. It is still unclear as to when the residents of the Sigma Chi house will have to move out. If the brotherhood is removed by the end of this semester, many students hope a postive legacy of the Sigma Chi fraternity will live on forever.