Bieber Fever in Upstate NY

When you go to school in upstate NY, the most exciting thing likely to happen is… well… not that many exciting things happen in upstate NY, unless you count getting a speeding ticket for going 5mph over the limit when driving through a small town, or almost hitting a deer running across the road. 

But Never Say Never people. Turns out Bieber fever has been running WILD in Upstate NY as Justin and his fiancee, Hailey Baldwin, took a trip to central NY.  For all us Colgate students, the places he visited are on our radar. Bieber was spotted at Tops supermarket in Cazenovia, which is about a 25 minute drive from campus. Too bad he didn't just decide to visit our local Price Chopper, I mean c’mon Justin, you’re missing out. However, it seems like Justin did take a pit stop in Hamilton, but I'll get to that later.  

Justin and Hailey went to Skaneateles, which is a small town with a lake in Upstate NY. Hailey’s instagram is so tender, just like Justin’s songs about love (I guess she's his One Less Lonely Girl). 

Justin and Hailey have also taken the time to meet their fans. Thanks, guys, for caring about us. They took selfies and pictures with fans at grocery stores, and at their stops in the small towns in the area.

Finally, the most exciting piece of news: Justin was caught on a security camera going to the bathroom in the Dunkin Donuts of our very own Hamilton NY. Seems like Justin and Hailey wanted to grab a coffee and take a pit stop, but why in Hamilton? We may never know, but he could have at least come up to campus and say hi. But whatever, we’ll take what we can get.