Best Places to Study at Colgate

Everyone has their own study techniques, flashcards, collaborative study guides, rewriting notes, and the list goes on, but almost as important as how you study, is where you study. At Colgate there are a million and ones places to study on campus and each meets different kinds of needs based on a student’s preferred method of study. Here are our top five places to study on campus:



Are you the type of student that enjoys sprawling their work out on the copious amount of desk that accompanies the Macs? Then the fifth floor of Case Library is your spot! Luckily for you, the cafe is on the fifth floor too, so grabbing a quick pick-me-up cookie during those late night cram sessions is easy!



If you’re also a social study student but don’t necessarily enjoy the library, doing work at a cafe is the place for you! The new bakery has all different kinds of places to study: from tables to funky chairs to post up for that exam. Don’t forget to grab a coffee (or two)!

good morning coffee GIF


If enjoy a quiet space, then Cooley is your spot. The secluded library is located in the basement of McGregory Hall and is home to all things science. If you’re an independent studier who likes a small space with easy access to academic buildings, check out Cooley library.alexis bledel books GIF



Have you ever been in a situation where you have a ten page paper due in approximately ten hours? I sure have! Distractions are all around us except for in the basement of Case. This quiet, windowless, people free study space will make you focus like you’ve never focused before.

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Colgate gets really cold, really fast, and if you only have a few readings to do, the Coop is a great place to post up around the fireplace. With the Coop lab just downstairs, it’s easy to print an article or two without having to go all the way to the library.

cold tex avery GIF