Best Classes I've Taken at Colgate

Going to a liberal arts college means that you don’t have to stay within the confines of your major, but you are encouraged to take a wide array of classes to learn more about the world we live in. It’s crazy to think how little I knew my freshman year compared to my senior year, and how much my understanding of the world has grown so much. Here are the best and most interesting classes I’ve taken so far, and you should try to sign up for them if you get the chance. Well, except if they’re at 8:30, because you’re kidding yourself if you think you can make it to an 8:30.

1. Hunting, Eating, Vegetarianism 

I don’t think any other class I’ve taken at Colgate has been so applicable to my own life and to the real world. You learn so much about our food industry, diets like veganism and vegetarianism, and why people are changing the way they eat today. My professor was extremely knowledgeable about these topics, and even hunts for his own food to feed his family.

2. Immigration

I took this class my sophomore year right after President Trump was elected and there were many ongoing debates about immigration in our country, therefore it was also extremely applicable to the real world and made me feel so much more informed. There are so many political, social, and economic factors that contribute to immigration in our country, and people from other countries are often very misunderstood. For the final project at the end of the semester, everyone in my class interviewed someone who immigrated to the United States, and wrote a paper on the ways in which they navigate the barriers to entry through social capital and social networks.

3. Media Effects

This class was super interesting, and taught me about how the media influences our lives in so many ways that are unknown to us. The media cognitively influences our beliefs, attitudes, and emotions, and also helps us understand norms, or rules about behavior, in our society today. In addition, the class also focused on advertising’s effects on society. This class was super important for me to take as someone that wants to have a job in media in the future.