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Ben Fortgang ’16


Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Ben Fortgang! You can’t see this picture of him and not want to know more.

Name: Benjamin Fortgang

Nicknames: Ben, Young Wang, Gangfort, Fort, Gang

Hometown: Melville, NY

Class Year: 2016

Major/Minor: English Major, Film/Media and Classics Minor

What You Do On Campus: Walk around, take the occasional selfie.

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Hairy, Horny, Fun

Fun Fact: I hate scalene triangles.

Celebrity Crush: Edge Lady

Man Crush: Mark Pronchick

Perfect Date: May 30th

Describe Your Ideal Girl: Fast and furious.

Deal Breakers: If she doesn’t like music.

Hobbies: Hobbits, magnets, sorting assorted jelly beans.

Best Dance Move: “The Boulge”

Best Physical Feature: My glowing personality.

Best Pick-Up Line: “All I want for Channukah is you.”

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