Beat Test Anxiety

The end of the year is here and finals are looming ahead! Here are 5 quick tips to beat the anxiety from your upcoming tests:



1. Think positive thoughts! 

Focusing on the bad things that could happen fuels test anxiety. Positive thoughts can give you the confidence to work through any anxiety. Tell yourself, "I will pass this exam. This exam will be easy." Be mindful of your thoughts and if you find yourself thinking negatively, replace those thoughts with realistic positive ones. 



2. Avoid comparisons!

Don't worry about how and when other people are studying. Concentrate only on your own tests and studying. 



3. Take breaks!

Don't go overboard with your studying. If your body or mind is overworked, you'll succumb more easily to stress. Check out StumbleUpon for some quick online study breaks. 



4. Focus on your breathing!

Breath exercises immediately relax the body; if you find yourself feeling anxious, practice taking slow, deep breaths. 



5. Sleep!

Make sure you are getting enough sleep, you need sleep for your mind to function at its best. The benefit of the finals schedule is that you have plenty off time to take quick naps, 20 minutes lets your body go through a full cycle.