Back To School Checklist

Okay, you are two weeks into school and already overloaded with class, extra curriculars, organizations, committees, meetings, jobs and a demanding social life. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you head back to school for a success Fall semester.




1. Stay Focused

 Not to sound like your parents, but unforutantely the reason we are all here on this incredibly beautiful campus is to obtain a well-rounded and rigours liberal arts education. For most of us, we lose sight of that from the second we step foot on campus for a productive preseason filled with libations. Remember, to keep our moral of work hard, play hard, you still have to abide by the first clause. No matter how beautiful the weather is do your best to squeeze in study hours at Case or your favorite working nook. Don't like the party get the best of you. Try your absoulte best to roll out of bed no matter what state you wake up in. Remember, showing up is half the battle.

2. Stay Involved

  Yes, it may seem hard to balance classes on top of all of your commitments but do your best to keep up the participation you have had in clubs and group activities. Also it is never too late to pick up a new hobby, try something new even if it doesn't fit with some of the other things on your resume. For seniors, these are your last days as a college student, live it up and try something you have always been interested in!

3. Stay Healthy

  Colgate is one of the few places where eating and entire slices pizza pie, plus wings and a massive bag of Lays is openly accepted and promoted. At the end of the day the health habits you start here will stick with you in the real world. Do your best to eat REAL meals, hit up all the food groups and take a daily multivitamin to ensure you are getting all your nutrients. Squeeze in some time at the gym or for a run outside while the weather is nice. As for late night health advice, don't be silly: wrap that willy.

4. Stay True  

Be honest with yourself at all times. Sometimes you can't make it to that brownbag, pick up your friend from class or chug that last beer and it is perfectly okay. Commitments can lead to serious guilt if they are broken. Accept that you cannot do everything you plan on doing and take the time to understand what your limits are and when you need to call them. 

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