Ask Miss Colgate: How to Say No to a Guy

Honest advice from a Colgate collegiette!

My friends have recently called me out on the fact that almost every time I go to the Jug, I end up going home with a guy. The worst part is, I’m usually not even into the guy. I just feel bad turning him down and, honestly, I like the attention from just flirting or even making out. How do I say no to a guy if he tries to bring me home without hurting his feelings? I don’t want to end up being called a bitch and have guys stop talking to me completely …

You need to remember that you come first! Who cares if you hurt a guy's feelings because you reject him? The kind of guy who will randomly approach you in the Jug has likely already been turned down many times in his life anyway – it’s doubtful that he will take it to heart. So just tell him you aren’t interested. Or you can even use a little white lie. “My friend is upset and I have to go find her” can make for an easy exit. If you panic and can’t find the words, just smile, shake your head, and walk away! This will require very little effort on your part and he will get the picture. That being said, it’s perfectly okay to give into the flirting/dancing/kissing without having a post-Jug slumber party. You don’t need to sleep with a guy (literally or figuratively) just because you feel bad for him or want the confidence boost of knowing he wants you. Find other ways to feel confident. Wear an outfit that makes you feel as sexy and sassy as Kim Kardashian and just know that guys are ogling you from the bar. Let a guy flirt with you then go disappear to find your friends; he will be intrigued by your mystery. And remember, the fact that your friends even bothered to call you out on your behavior means they know you can do better. Even though you will hear guys call girls prudes or bitches, in reality, they are more attracted to the girls who respect themselves and who play hard-to-get. When you stop going home with guys you don’t want to, the guys you actually like will be much more likely to make themselves known.   




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