Amara Wilson '14

Name: Amara Wilson 

Class Year: 2014 

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Major: Peace and Conflict Studies

Minor: Religion 

What she does on campus: Panhellenic, Konosioni, Women’s Club Soccer, Student Calling (all the cool kids do it) 

Role model(s): Beyoncé and Janet Macks (i.e. my mom)

Celebrity Crushes: Ryan Gosling, Matt Kemp and ... Machine Gun Kelly

Dream Job: Oscar winning actress 

Fun Fact: When I lived in India I was in a Bollywood movie 

If you could do a duet with anyone who would it be? Justin N’Sync.


- Quote: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde 

- Food: Avocado

  • Movie: It’s a three way tie between The Sandlot, Love Actually and The Way We Were
  • Hamilton Restaurant: Royal Indian Grill 
  • Place on campus: The Chapel House