Abroad Spotlight: Nali Byrd in Barcelona

Going abroad or not going abroad that is the question! It is hard to know whether going abroad and living in a new place is the right choice to do. I was able to sit down with a student who went abroad and here is what she had to say!

Kendall (K): Where did you go abroad

Nali (N): Barcelona

K: Why did you go

N: I went because I never had the opportunity to travel out of the country (outside of SRS) and wanted to experience living on my own in a new place. I chose Barcelona specifically because of how culturally rich the city was, and I needed some warm weather and beaches after a semester in Hamilton.

K: Favorite part about going abroad

N: Trying new foods I had never had before, particularly paella in Barcelona and getting to sip wine with 3 of my best friends in front of the Eiffel tower

K: Favorite place you traveled while abroad

N: Capri, Italy was the most breathtaking place I have ever been

K: Favorite restaurant

N: Da Greco! a pasta restaurant in Barcelona (frequented by Beyoncé and Jay z) where you can BYOB and get sooooo much pasta

K: Would you recommend the place you visited to other students

N: I would fully recommend Barca to other students! It has it all. The night life, the culture, the weather, the food. Best decision of my life.