Abroad Spotlight: Jenna Walter

Colgate student, Jenna Walter, is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark during the spring semester of her Junior year. Read more to hear about her amazing experience!


ARI: Where are you studying abroad?

JENNA: Copenhagen, Denmark


ARI: What has been your favorite trip and why?

JENNA: RUSSIA. Literally the coolest experience of my life. I went with my class for a school trip so we did a lot of companies visits but we also did a ton of cultural stuff. We actually got to meet up with Russian students twice for dinner and going out which was really fun and interesting. I really enjoyed listening to their different perspectives about living in Russia and learning how distance the majority of the country is from the administration. I was really happy to be able to visit both St. Petersburg and Moscow but I need to find a time to go back because was there was so much I didn’t get to do, definitely would recommend!!!


ARI: What have you learned about yourself as you study abroad?

JENNA: I would say I confirmed that I am a pretty independent person and learned I’m more spontaneous.


ARI: Do you miss Colgate!

JENNA: I definitely miss parts of Colgate, specifically the people! I love being abroad and think everyone should go but it’s super different (and expensive) so I’m sad to leave but also excited to return to Colgate in the fall.


ARI: What qualities do you hope to bring back to Colgate?

JENNA: Not getting so stressed out!


ARI: are you ready for senior year?

JENNA: Yes!!