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The 6 Kinds of Formal Dates

1.     The Boyfriend

    All you ladies with boyfriends CONGRATS you’re life is so easy.  You have no stress about finding a date because your life is amazing and you have someone to tell you how pretty you look all night and then get to have amazing sex afterwards (and if this doesn’t happen you then you need to find a new boyfriend).


2.     The Consistent Hook Up

       This is a big deal because you’re probably going to put pictures on Facebook of you two together for the first time. THIS SEALS THE DEAL. Your hook up is public now and people will most likely start acknowledging you guys as an item…and don’t lie to yourself, you love it and you secretly want to make your new cute couple pic your profile picture but you won’t because that’s really freakin’ aggressive at this stage in your relationship—so you settle with an Instagram (lol).


3.     The Kid You Hooked up With The Night Before

Congratulations, your timing was impeccable. Why can’t we all have your luck?

4.     The Friend

         Okay yeah, you aren’t going to hook up, but who cares! You’re going to have a kick ass time AND you basically have a get out of jail free card to be as drunk, obnoxious and embarrassing as you want and more importantly you can eat whatever the f*** you want!


5.     The Blind Date

           This could turn out one of two ways: really well! the dude could be a blast and if your lucky things can get spicy as the night goes on, or extremely bad and awkward and you guys just end up ignoring each other all night and then act like you have no idea who the other person is for the rest of your Colgate career. RISKY.


6.     The Guy Your Secretly Obsessed With

Finally, there is the date that you have been in love with since you got to Colgate and you grow a pair and ask him to formal.  Even if he turns you down or is a huge ass hole all night (which wouldn’t be all that shocking), MAD PROPS TO YOU, ya confident lil’ thangggg.



Mackenzie Burr, Colgate University '16 -Economic/Political Science Double Major -"Make A Wish Colgate" President -Colgate Figure Skating Club -Member of Kappa Kappa Gamma
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