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There are so many great opportunities to get involved here at Colgate. While scrolling through the Get Involved page on Colgate’s website, there are endless options of clubs and activities that range from the Colgate Baking Club and the Hamilton Fire Department to the Colgate Vote Project and many more. Also, the best part, if you cannot find something out of all of these, you can create your own! I have compiled a list of categories and clubs available, but of course, this is not a comprehensive list, so go and check out the Get Involved page on Colgate’s website!


There are numerous tutoring clubs on campus that work with local schools from around the area, including Hamilton Central School and Madison Central School. The SAT Tutoring club connects students with higher schoolers from around the area to prepare for the standardized test. Tutoring is a great way to volunteer, work with students, and get involved in the broader Hamilton community. 

Club Sports 

Club sports are one of the best ways to meet other students, play a sport and have fun. There is everything ranging from club soccer and rugby to figure skating, equestrian, and even curling. There is certainly something for anyone who wants to stay active and join a team.


Another way to meet students and discover new passions is through the many performing groups on campus. From the Colgate Dance Team to the infamous Colgate Thirteen, there are countless ways to get involved in arts on campus. Also, maybe if dancing or singing is not quite your thing, try an improv group like the Charred Goosebeak. 

Student Government Association 

SGA or joining your class council is an excellent way to have a leadership role on campus. If you want to make a difference in campus life, this would be a perfect fit for you! 

Her Campus

Shameless plug, but one of my favorite ways to get involved on campus is through Her Campus. I have enjoyed exploring new ideas, meeting new students, and writing entertaining and creative articles. It is a great way to get involved in writing, or just to have fun! 

And lastly, there is always the opportunity to create your own club. This list is not even close to encompassing all of the organizations on Colgate’s campus, so I would highly encourage everyone to check out the Get Involved Page and explore the variety of clubs! 

Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I am a junior and a Sociology Major!
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