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5 Tips for Readjusting to School After Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colgate chapter.

Summer’s over, and so are the days spent lounging by the pool with your dog and sleeping in until noon. Now you’re headed back to school and excited to see your friends, bash some F&S egg sandwiches, and embrace life on our beautiful campus. You’ve been looking forward to sliding back into last semester’s groove all summer, but it turns out that getting back into the homework grind, social scene, and independence can be harder than you’re expecting. Here are five tips for readjusting to a new school year:


Plan out your outfit the night before.

It’s annoying to get out of bed to dig through your closet mid-Netflix binge, but you’ll feel more confident and put together tomorrow if you take the time to choose clothes you feel good in. It can help you feel more self-assured when speaking up in class, or when catching up with people in Coop. Plus, it’ll give you at least 5-10 extra minutes of sleep in the morning.


Put all the important dates on your calendar.

We all know that wave of panic after getting a “You ready for the test tomorrow?” text when we definitely were NOT ready. Jot down any important paper due dates, exams, club meetings, or sports games on your phone or in a planner — whatever works best for you — to stay on top of your game and prevent last-minute freak-outs.


Reconnect with people you didn’t keep in touch with over the summer.

Maybe it’s a study buddy from your FSEM, or maybe it’s a former neighbor. There’s probably at least one person you find yourself missing, but never seeing, once you arrive on campus for the new year. Reach out and make plans to grab a coffee. It’s always good to see old friends, and it’ll help you fight that new year’s loneliness.


Take time to decompress.

Jumping back into all of your involvements on campus can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. Find something that helps you destress and unwind. Some suggestions: take a yoga class in Huntington (Monday at 6:30 pm with Maggie, Tuesday/Thursday at 5:30 pm & Sunday at 6:30 pm with Harper), walk into town for a Dunkin’ pumpkin swirl coffee, or watch an old feel-good movie.


Organize your room.

It’s a pain, but putting all of your stuff in its proper place — cleaning supplies in a basket, clothes in the closet, school supplies in a desk drawer, etc. — won’t only make your space neater. Throw on some music or an interesting podcast for 30 minutes while you clean, and you’ll feel mentally decluttered too.


Here’s to a fun and fulfilling school year!