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5 Hobbies to Try During Your Next Homework Break

Have you had a lot of downtime recently and nothing interesting to do to fill up your extra time? While there is absolutely nothing wrong with watching that Netflix series you’ve already seen three times or with reading that classic book you can probably recite from memory, it might be fun to try a new hobby and liven up your free time! Here are a few new hobbies to try the next time you have a break from school or work and want to do something fun:

  1. Embroider! The focused repetitive motion of embroidery can not only help calm your mind and make you more relaxed, but you can also create some beautiful designs to show off on a bag, shirt, hat, or whatever you prefer to embroider.

  2. Write! I have always found writing to be a great way to relax and be creative at the same time! This can be journaling, writing a short story, writing a letter to a friend you want to reconnect with, or anything else!. Make a cup of tea, get comfy at your desk, and write your heart out!

  3. Learn a new language! This option is definitely going to take some more dedication than the others, but why not test out your language skills with a new language? Check out the many apps and websites available to help you on your journey to learn that language you have always wanted to learn.

  4. Color! Coloring is no longer just for kids; there are hundreds, if not thousands, of coloring books out there that are made just for adults! I prefer to use my Sharpies for such an occasion, but use whatever drawing utensil you prefer and color the next time you have downtime. 

  5. Become a plant enthusiast! This option also takes some investment of time and money, but it will definitely be worth it in when you’ve grown your own miniature greenhouse in your room, apartment, or wherever. It may take some research to figure out what plants will grow best where you live, so be sure to check out the best options beforehand. Whatever you end up growing, just know that there is no such thing as too many plants!

These are some great options for new hobbies to try the next time you have a break and want to try your hand at something new. You can be creative at the same time as trying a new activity that you may end up loving!

Amanda Ennis

Colgate '22

I am currently a junior at Colgate University with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. I enjoy running, playing badminton, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends in my free time!
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