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10 Productive Things To Do This Summer

DISCLAIMER: This list is packed with corny “life’s lessons” quotes, so take them as they come.

1.Make Mula $$

If you haven’t already secured a job or a paid internship this summer, start up your own flee market and sell somethings you don’t need anymore. Open up your own store on etsy, eBay or amazon. After you make all of your ‘stacks on stacks on stacks’ open up a piggy bank and start saving. Summer is a great time to save up your money, as much as you want to splurge don’t forget a penny saved is a penny earned. 

2. Learn a New Language

Going abroad soon? Need to practice your linguistics? Have you always wanted to say “voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” with the proper accent? Well, then these three months are the perfect time to pick up the Rosetta Stone and learn a new language! Or if you just want to perfect your high school Spanish on the side there are a ton of easy iPhone apps that help you study foreign languages … for free! Jobs are always looking for people who are bi-lingual so this will be a great addition to your resume.

3. Get Healthy

Summer is the absolute BEST time to set healthy fitness goals. Beach days are enough motivation to pick low carlorie yogurts over ice cream during those warm summer nights. Start going for runs outside or see if you can give up junk food for the entire summer. The healthy practices you start at home will follow you back to school.

4. Cut Your Hair

If splitting your ends has become your favorite past time then it’s probably time for a fresh cut. The summer sun, saltwater and chlorine can really damage your lovely tresses. Do your best to keep your locks luscious by applying a leave in conditioner before you dive into the pool!

5. Set a goal and complete it

Think about something you really need to get done before the summer ends. Whether it’s finishing that book, losing five pounds or getting a tattoo see if you can finally finish something you have been meaning to do all year.

6. Get Artsy

Summer is a great time to get really creative. Spend the day a fun pottery making place or paint your room a new color or pick up photography as a weekend hobby.

7. Go To a Concert

Your Summer will not be complete with out hitting up at least one outdoor concert. There are usually free concerts all summer almost everywhere and anywhere.Whether you hit up EDC, Bonaroo or just see a local band make sure you enjoy some sweet outdoor music at least once this summer.

8. Road Trip

If you have some friends in nearby or far away places pick some super awesome people and set out on a road trip, take off one weekend because everyone needs a good vacay. Make sure you plan accordingly but hit the open road with an open mind, drop into cities you’ve never been to or spend the night in a podunk town. It’s about the journey not the destination!

9. Plan an event

Take the reigns of an operation and plan an event from scratch. It can be as small as an intimate birthday dinner with friends or huge fourth of July BBQ!

10. Find a cause and support it! 

The summer break should make you feel pretty grateful for all of lovely luxuries you have. Think about those who are less fortunate and start giving back. Find a cause you really feel passionate about and do your best to help support it. Sign up for a walk for cancer or volunteer at a local animal shelter, just do something to lend a helping hand and you will feel great about it. 


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