10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

We all know this time of year very well: the weather is officially brisk, the leaves have all changed colors, and our favorite holiday is approaching! Halloween is a time of ~spooky~ superstitions and celebration. Despite what some people may say, it can definitely be enjoyed by all ages. That being said, we went around Colgate’s campus and asked students what they would be dressing up as this year. While we received numerous (and very eclectic) responses, we have narrowed it down to our favorite ones. We hope these can inspire your creative side for this lovely holiday. Here is our list of the top ten of costumes you will be seeing at Colgate this weekend…


1. Witch

Is there anything more classic than dressing up as a wicked witch for Halloween? If you’re worried about your costume looking too simple and unoriginal, spice it up by adding a little flare to that black dress and hat combo to make yourself look extra wicked.

2. Rosie the Riveter

Worried that you may not have a jean vest or that perfect red bandana to pull this costume off? Don’t worry, “we can do it.” This female icon is chic, fashionable, and is the perfect way to show off your feminine side.

3. Zombie Doll

If you’re like me, you will have no idea what a zombie doll costume may consist of. I will reassure you that this outfit can actually be very cute, well, as cute as a dead doll can be… Throw on that oversized t-shirt with those obnoxiously colored tights, transform your face to somehow not creepily resemble a doll, and boom – you will surprise people with how cute you look.

4. Alien

This is a perfect time to finally rip the tags off of that metallic silver skirt you bought in high school. Match it with a tube top, some glittery face paint and a pair of stylish antennas and we promise you will look ~out of this world~

5. Cheerleader

Whether the costume is your old high school uniform or a new purchase from Amazon, this extremely girly costume is the perfect excuse to look cute and fun without having to be too creative.

6. Game of Thrones

This popular TV show’s many characters provide a ton of costume inspiration, from the highly praised Khaleesi to the downright creepy white walkers. This fantasy series has many options and allows for a lot of creativity!

7. Angel vs. Devil

Whichever side you see yourself as, this costume idea allows for many variations. You can let your inner angel shine through with an all white get-up and crown, or you can embrace your dark side with gloomy blacks and reds… either way this outfit is fun and traditional!

8. Harley Quinn

If you aren’t familiar with the newly released movie, Suicide Squad, then you are missing out. The film’s most popular and eccentric character, Harley Quinn, is a popular choice this Halloween. Her crazy-colored-pigtailed hair, infamously tight booty shorts and fishnet leggings will definitely be one of the many costumes you will see around campus. 

9. French Kiss

This is actually much simpler to dress as than you might think. Match some classic French striped apparel with a beret and then have a lucky someone plant a nice big kiss on your cheek. This play on words is stylish, fun and ~flirty. 

10. Walk of Shame

As college students, I’m sure we’ve all witnessed at least one walk of shame… This year, this embarrassing situation has become a popular costume. Whether you throw on a disheveled dress and cheap heels or you decide to go the big t-shirt and sweats that clearly don’t belong to you route, this outfit gives you the best excuse to not put in a lot of effort.

These are only 10 of the many costume ideas we heard about this year, but the options for outfits are endless. We can’t wait to see all of the costumes people put together this weekend, and we hope this list gave some inspiration to those who needed a little last minute help… Happy Halloween!