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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colby chapter.

Moving to college meant a lot of packing and cleaning my room. In my closet I discovered dozens of articles of clothing and shoes that I had never worn with the tags still on. My style has changed quite a bit since I brought those items, so it wasn’t likely that I would wear them. For the most part, I donated a lot of my old clothes, but I began to wonder if there was a way to sell my clothes to make some extra money for college life. A quick Google search brought me to a website and app called Poshmark. I downloaded the app and began the process of making listings of clothes to sell. The process is super simple. I started off by taking pictures of what I was selling from multiple angles and giving a close-up to any flaws that potential buyers should be aware of. Down below there are options to enter a title, the brand, category, size, color, quantity, and if the product is “New with Tags”. Then, you’ll have the option to describe the product and mention any flaws or qualities that make your listing appealing. Finally, sellers have the chance to enter in the original price of the product and the listing price, and down below the app will automatically calculate how much you get after Poshmark takes commission. Now just with a click of a button, your listing will be active! 

One of the biggest concerns I originally had with selling my clothing online was shipping. But fortunately, Poshmark makes this super easy on the seller’s part. After a purchase was made, the seller will receive an email with a shipping label to print and tape onto an appropriate USPS box. Sellers just need to ship out their product in one week or less or else the transaction will be canceled. The shipping cost is $6.79 for all orders under 5 pounds. This is a pro for larger articles of clothing and shoes but a con for smaller items such as makeup. Buyers and sellers are able to track the shipment and it usually arrives between 1-3 days.

Besides selling, I occasionally also peruse Poshmark for good deals. One of my favorite purchases was a new pair of Champion sweatpants that retailed for $60. The seller originally listed it for $30 dollars but prospective buyers have the option to send in a binding offer. I offered $25 and the seller accepted. I did have to pay the $6.79 for shipping but overall it was still a great deal. 

If you aren’t big on paying for shipping (me!), there are other apps that seem to take a lower commission so sellers are more likely to offer free shipping. One is Mercari, which is pretty much the same as Poshmark, but shipping usually ranges from free to $10. Another is Depop, which focuses more on vintage and trendy fashion. 

Now you’re fully equipped to turn your unwanted clothing into a little spending money!

Gwendolen Huo is a junior at Colby College from New York City majoring in Environmental Studies and Art History. During her free time, Gwendolen enjoys embroidering, hanging out with friends, and baking.