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Why Everyone Needs to Follow Morgan Harper Nicholas on Instagram

College is hard. Or at least in my opinion.

You miss home but you like your independence: lost.  

You love your friends but want to branch out: social anxiety.  

Boys in their early 20’s: an unpaid internship. 

You now have to remember to buy toilet paper: responsibility.

To go to bar night or finish your civic engagement homework: next question. 


Finding Morgan Harper Nicholas (@morganharpernichols) was the best thing to happen to me since I first heard “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. She is an artist #queen and shares poems, sayings, and her colorful drawings to tell stories of resilience and grace.  I like that she accepts things for how they are – she reminds you that it’s okay to struggle, this is all part of the process, and good things take time. Her words always touch my heart in a really surprising way; every post feels like it’s written for just for you.

I follow Morgan on Instagram, Twitter, subscribe to her daily emails (I highly recommend), and even have bought “personality prints” for my roommates from her website.  Seeing one of her posts pop up on Instagram gives me a minute to stop the scroll, read, think, and breathe,

I found Morgan at a time where I needed an extra reminder that it is OKAY to not be okay, and that beautiful things take time. And I think everyone should go follow her on Instagram.  Or better yet, find your own Morgan: something, someone whose words touch your soul. What do you always come back to? Whose words speak to you? This could be an artist whose songs ground you, a poetry book, a real book, a phone call to a certain person, a podcast, an episode of the Office, your CoStar, Yogi Stress Relief tea… Make it personal. The options are endless.  

When that first midterm is looming but all you can focus on is your rogue little brother who recently discovered alcohol or that boy who might have ghosted you, take a minute and connect with your Morgan. It’s all okay, it will all work out.  We all need that little extra reminder. Share these sparks of wisdom with friends – they might be needing that support as much as you!


Environmental Policy major and certified VSCO girl.
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