Where to Go in Waterville For a Date

Are you looking for a restaurant for a first date? Or maybe you just want to get off campus to eat out with your significant other? I don’t know about everyone else, but the first time I wanted to eat out at Colby, I took one look at the fast food restaurants on KMD and thought to myself that there would definitely be nowhere that I could find a meal I liked. But I was completely wrong! Waterville may not be New York City or Boston, but there are some amazing (and hidden) restaurants that are perfect for whatever type of date you may have planned and less than 30 minutes from our campus!



  1. 1. Riverside Farm Cafe

    Location: Oakland (less than 2 miles from campus)

    Pricing: $$

    My Pick: The Riverside Sandwich (lunch) or Chicken Piccata (dinner)

    The rustic vibe combined with the farm-to-fork inspired creations make this restaurant a must-try for Colby students since it is 5 minutes from campus!

  2. 2. Purple Cow House of Pancakes

    Location: Fairfield (about 10 minutes from campus)

    Pricing: $

    My Pick: Chocolate Chip Pancakes with a side of bacon

    If you’re looking for a cheaper brunch option, Purple Cow is the place to go! 

    Insider tip: 1 pancake will be the size of a large plate!


  3. 3. Meridians Kitchen and Bar

    Location: Fairfield

    Pricing: $$

    My Pick: Burger with romaine slaw, burger sauce, & bacon onion jam

    Originally an organic foods market, Meridians opened in June of this year as a small, but upscale restaurant offering a carefully selected farm-to-fork menu.


  4. 4. Slates  

    Location: Hallowell 

    Pricing: $$

    My Pick: Fresh Tomato & Basil Fettuccini with Fresh Maine Lobster (don’t miss the homemade hummus appetizer!) 

    Although it’s a bit of a drive from Colby (30 minutes), the colorful aesthetic of local artwork and classic dishes of this American bistro make it worth the trip! Make sure to check out the Sunday Brunch (my favorite dish is the homemade bagel with a side of avocado)!


  5. 5. Mé Lon Togo Bistro

    Location: Waterville (close to downtown)

    Pricing: $$$

    My Pick: West African Chicken in Peanut Sauce

    A unique addition to Waterville’s restaurant scene, Mé Lon Togo offers traditional West African cuisine with a relaxed, homestyle feel. The owner and chef, a music professor at Colby, carefully prepares each meal using techniques that he has acquired through restaurant experience as well as from his family. Important note: The dinner is a fixed four-course menu ($35/guest). 


Beyond fast food chains, Waterville and its surrounding towns have so much to offer in the realm of culinary experiences. I hope this list will help if you ever find yourself searching for delicious dinner out with your SO or if you are in need of a first date idea!