Ways to Make the Road Trip Home Less Boring

It’s almost time to head back home for break for Colby students. This means frantic travel plans, long flights, and hectic schedules in the days leading up to getting home. For me, as well as a lot of other students, it also means a pretty significant road trip. Although a 10 hour drive might seem like a nightmare, I decided to brainstorm a list of ways that I plan to make mine a little more bearable! Hopefully this helps someone out. 

  1. 1. Get a Travel Buddy

    Solo road trips can be great, but I think that it is always nice to have someone to help out with the driving, or even just to provide a little company during such a long drive. What usually works best is to ask around to see if anyone who lives near you needs a ride, or even if someone lives somewhere on the way and could be dropped off! Either way, you get a companion for at least some of your journey home.

  2. 2. Make a Fun Playlist

    This tip is essential for me. I can’t drive without music or some sort of audio playing. Some of my favorite songs to listen to on a longer drive are “Runaway” by Kanye West or anything by Vance Joy. I also highly recommend podcasts for long car trips--lately, I’ve been loving Gals on the Go or the Goop podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow.

  3. 3. Stock Up on Snacks

    Let’s face it: driving can be exhausting. However, you can make refueling fun by packing some yummy snacks ahead of time to enjoy during breaks between driving. Some personal favorites of mine include Popchips, any sort of kettle corn, or Clif Bars. Sometimes I like to use the Starbucks protein boxes for trips like this because they are super easy to pick up and eat on the go!

  4. 4. Make Sure to Take some Cute Breaks

    Before you drive, make sure to plan a couple of predetermined stops to get gas or grab a meal. I like to plan my stops in cute towns on the way home for both gas and food because I find that it gives me an incentive to make my trip efficient to get to these destinations. My recommendation is to check out what lies between Colby and home for you, and then pick and choose what looks fun to visit!

Ideally, this list gave you some inspiration for your own journey home! I know it’s not exactly something that I am looking forward to, but thinking about some of these items is making me a little less stressed. With that being said, I hope that everyone has a safe and happy trip home and a great break!