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A few weeks ago, I made a playlist called “Fall” (my Spotify is @grac3.ryan and it’s epic), and though I’ll flatter myself by calling it a flawless collection of music, I’m getting dangerously close to overplaying it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as obsessed with crunchy folk music as much as every other Colby student, but there is a point where the crunch is out-crunched. I found myself skipping a few too many songs on it a few days ago and it scared me. So, ignoring the very real possibility that I am enabling the cycle of overplaying that I have been in for years, follow me on Spotify and I will follow you back in the selfish pursuit of new music that will keep me grounded in my granola roots. I know myself enough to not promise that I won’t fixate on it and ruin each song for the time being, but like everything else that comes to an end, I’ll try to smile because it happened, not cry because it’s over. (Laugh). (It should be known that I always cry when it’s over).

Grace Ryan

Colby '26

I am a freshman at Colby College who loves writing!