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Valentine’s Day: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A very pivotal day in any relationship is upon us, Valentine’s Day. It may seem ridiculous, but this Hallmark holiday dictates many people’s love lives. If you’ve been dating for a while you wonder what to buy your significant other. If you’ve just started dating you stress about whether or not to celebrate the holiday. Maybe you’re not dating anyone and you don’t know whether or not you should tell your crush just how you feel. Much of this is due to how other people regard the holiday, specifically those you care about, and much of it has to do with your feelings towards the day. While I find the holiday silly in practice, I secretly, well now not so secretly,
love it. What girl can resist a holiday that is all about chocolate, flowers, and romance? Confession, I’m a sucker for that stuff.

Similarly, the majority of people who took the poll think Valentine’s Day is “stupid, but they love it.” Valentine’s Day may seem ridiculous because some may think you should always show your loved one that you care about them. One person commented, “you shouldn’t need a random day to show your love to someone…” However, we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day; why not acknowledge your special someone one day too? In the bustle of life it’s nice to take one day to go above and beyond. Let’s face it, we don’t have the time to treat each other with as much care and love as we should or even as much as we want to. So I think Valentine’s Day is a great time to step back from work, classes, and other commitments to really show someone how much you love them.

On the other hand, Valentine’s Day can cause a ridiculous amount of stress for individuals, which is very
unnecessary. After New Years there is non-stop Valentine’s Day build up that can cause people to go crazy and maybe even make them hate a holiday that is meant to be loving. To this I say, calm down! It really doesn’t matter the present you get for someone or the restaurant for dinner; if you really want to show your love for someone just be thoughtful.

In the poll we asked what the best and worst Valentine’s Day presents were, so I will leave you with that.
5 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

1 and 2. Tied- getting dumped and poop
3. Forgetting
4. Edible arrangement
5. A bear

5 Best Valetine’s Day Gifts

  1. Romantic Extravaganza
  2. Chocolate
  3. Lingerie
  4. Jewelry
  5. Dinner
Brett is a senior at Colby College. She is an international studies and anthropology double major, and spent her first semester of college in Dijon, France.  She enjoys writing, traveling, Gossip Girl, and Thai food. Already having interned at fashion designers and magazines, she is excited to contribute to Her Campus! She is also a certified personal trainer and loves working out.
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