Top 13 Most Slept On Things at Colby College

This first year at Colby College has been a lot of new for me: new people, new places, and new experiences, and I jumped in headfirst, exploring all the nooks and crannies my ID could beep me into. Now, I’ve definitely settled in and know the campus pretty well. If you haven’t had the chance yet to appreciate our campus more, it’s never too late to start!

Now, I know I fall asleep in class a lot, but here’s some of Colby’s most underrated features I didn’t sleep on. 

  1. 1. Arboretum

    low angle of green trees

    Did you know Colby owns an arboretum? I didn’t either, but it is gorgeous. No matter the season, it’s always a sight to behold. When it’s fall, there are gorgeous colors and trails that meander through the woods with cute bridges that cross beautiful streams. I also recommend you brave the cold and go in the winter to see the snow blanket the woods and the trees all frosty like a winter wonderland. No brown slush here! The arboretum is an all-around great place for a walk, to do homework or to enjoy nature and be away from the school atmosphere for a bit.

  2. 2. Radio Station/Music Studio

    Follow those Supreme handrails in Bobs down to a whole new world as boring, blank walls turn into art murals. There are floor to ceiling CDs and vinyls as well as a space for bands to play.There’s even a room for you to run your very own radio show about any topic you’d want. (Tall n’ Small on Mondays from 3-4PM is a personal fave of mine). The vibe is phenomenal down there, and it’s a must-see for any music lover.

  3. 3. Crepe Station in Dana on Saturdays

    A very, very good cure for your hangover is to get a crepe made for you at the crepe bar in Dana. The lady that makes them is honestly a master! I always get blueberries and raspberries covered in caramel sauce and whipped cream. But it doesn’t matter if your crepe is sweet or savory, because they all slap.

  4. 4. Taco Tuesday in Bobs

    Fish Red Snapper Tostada

    Making your own tacos hits different. They never disappoint. The Bobs dining staff also like to get creative with the mix-ins so it's always something new!

  5. 5. Olin Greenhouse Walkway

    It feels so good to be surrounded by something green and alive when everything outside is dead and frozen. Plus, you get so much oxygen that you’re probably working at 10x capacity.

  6. 6. Art Museum Green Chairs

    These chairs are oddly so comfy and a great place to work, nap, or start working and accidentally end up napping. Also you are surrounded by ART. How inspiring!

  7. 7. Use the AC

    Okay maybe you already knew this, but maybe you’re like me, a total gym newbie who's scared of anyone over 6 feet, so you only ever go to the one workout room with the machines and weights in the AC. Obviously the whole building is only for athletes on teams, right? WRONG. Use everything!! (as long as another team/group hasn’t booked it) You can ice skate as amazingly or poorly as you want in that beautiful freezer. The schedule is posted on the bulletin board, so come whenever it’s open! Definitely make sure to plug your phone into the aux by the announcer’s box. Love swimming but hate the cold? Go plunge in the pool (not yet olympic size but still good). Hours of use are also listed! Use all the courts! You can boulder climb on the rock wall or ask the front desk for a badminton net and gear and set up on the track. Ditch the boring treadmill, people!

  8. 8. Observatory

    Okay, I know it’s a long walk past the Senior Apartments, but it is so worth it. Go on a clear night and you get the most beautiful view of Waterville lights shimmering in the distance, and you’ll see more stars in the sky than you’ve ever seen before! Hello cute stargazing picnic?? Also shoutout to the people in Space Club use our telescopes to see even more cool space stuff. Fun fact: Colby’s telescope is the largest in the New England area. So yeah, get your space geek on!

  9. 9. Special Collections

    Hamlet book

    Hidden behind the bookshelves on the first floor of Miller is a SECRET ROOM. Furnished with gorgeously long, wooden tables, cushioned chairs, old grandfather clocks, and comfy leather couches, it actually looks like a real library in there. It also has a nice view over the lawn in front of Miller. It’s an amazing place to study.

  10. 10. SpectrumU

    Did you know Colby College PAYS for us to have a streaming service with live TV shows and movies on demand? Well they do! It’s called SpectrumU and you can access it via your mycolby account under the Campus Life section! There’s also an app! It’s FREE! Start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, right now. No excuses.

  11. 11. Packout

    Do you have 9 or more friends,enjoy ordering meals together, but hate paying? Well, you’re in luck! Enter in 10 student ID numbers and order Packout from the dining hall! To place an order, request an order form from the café cashier station, email [email protected], or download an order form from Order 72 hours in advance and eat all the chicken fritters to your heart's content.

  12. 12. Mule Innovation Lab

    Right in Miller street by the stairs is the best tech on campus. Wanna play some VR? 3D print something cool? They've got all the fun new gadgets, go in and have fun!

  13. 13. Faculty/Staff

    Our faculty and staff are so underrated. You see these people every day, sometimes multiple times a day, but you might not even know who they are. That is such a shame, because they’re cool people!! Talk to Craig the security officer, the custodian in your dorm (shoutout to Greg in Trewg), or Dee who swipes your card in Dana, because they’re great people!

Go out! Explore our beautiful campus!