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The illusion that all is perfect

Takes some time to build.

Fear of wasted potential,

A prophecy unfulfilled.

It takes a fate that fractures, 

It takes a soul that screams,

It takes a mind that mixes

All the worst of the extremes.

You see, she has no reason 

Her life seems quite okay.

Save some spoiled child’s complaints,

The world is kept at bay. 

She sees none of the suffering

Plated gold, safety’s sold

That lies beyond the gate

And served on a silver plate.

But the suffering lies within her,

That no one else could see

And threatens her perfection more

Than anyone could believe.

So she picks up all the pieces,

She holds them in her arms

She tries her best to undo 

At least a little of the harm.

Not the harm to herself, 

She didn’t mind her scars,

But she hoped to god no one would see

How much she fell apart.

For nothing’s wrong and all is nice

To the outsider looking in

And if she could admit otherwise

She didn’t know where to begin.

All the while ask her nicely

How she really feels,

Her answer would seem perfect, 

But no shot in hell it’s real. 

Alexandra is a freshman at Colby College who loves guitar, dogs, and volleyball. She's an intended computational psychology major. She's from Connecticut and absolutely loves the winter, so she's very excited to be in Maine!
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