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Taylor Swift: Falling from Fame?


What’s your take on Taylor Swift lately? Some still see her as the mega superstar that she once was, but others now have some less favorable views of the young star. 

I remember back in 2006 driving to school with my mom when we heard Taylor’s first single, “Tim McGraw.”  I made my mom turn up the volume as I hummed along to the catchy tune. Even back then, it was evident that the girl was going to be famous. Her debut, self-titled album was released just before I left for sleep-away camp after sixth grade. Some of my favorite memories from that summer still include canoeing with my cabin while we all sang our very out of tune versions of “Our Song” and “Teardrops on my Guitar.”


Even in high school when it was evident that Taylor Swift’s music was geared towards more of a younger crowd, my friends and I still enjoyed belting out lyrics during car rides and dances. Taylor Swift had an appeal that was hard to ignore, and her lyrics were easy to identify with. No matter how old you were it was impossible to ignore how relevant the events and emotions she sang about were. Everyone loved how personable she was, until, well, they didn’t.


Her latest album is catchy, as are all her albums, but I can’t help thinking, “Really? This again?” How many times do we have to hear about how boys did you wrong and you miss your ex-boyfriend?  I think it’s time to grow up a little, Taylor. Try something besides the boy-bashing, love-stuck lyrics.


So maybe I’m being a little harsh. I’m not alone, though. Her popularity seems to be dwindling a bit and her serial dating is starting to be too much for people. It seems that Kanye got a jump-start on the Swift-bashing back in 2009. That once sweet, innocent demeanor she had is starting to become less believable. So what next?


No matter what I say about her, I still love to blast my favorite T-Swift songs with the windows rolled down in a car filled with friends. In fact, I’d say I’m still a fan, as are most. While some criticize her new album’s stray from the country genre, I give it two thumbs up. I’m a fan of anything that shows some versatility. Her album sold over 5 million copies worldwide, so I guess the girl is doing ok. My advice to you, Tay: take a break from all the boys and focus on what you do best, making music. 

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