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Summer Style: Spotlight on Lilly Pulitzer


Lilly Pulitzer, fashion legend, died on April 7.


As an alumni of a typical New England prep school and a current student here at Colby, Lilly Pulitzer has always been a timeless look. The brand of Lilly always seems to be making an appearance, especially once spring has sprung. Whether it be the large population of white dresses at high school graduations, or the little things, like one of their phone cases, Lilly stays relevant every year, and never fails to show that you have a sense of style. The prints are fun and flirty, but their clothes and accessories will always maintain a certain level of elegance. With the recent passing of this fashion icon, we can pay tribute by revisiting some of our favorite Lilly pieces.

A simple Lilly dress is a signature look of the brand, and we love their practicality. Dresses such as this one can be dressed down and worn to class, or dressed up and worn to a fun summer event. Looking for something a little less casual? Their dresses with lace trim accents are always a crowd pleaser, as well as their maxi dresses.


Lilly shorts are my favorite piece, and always my go-to for some summer errands. Running a bit on the longer side, they can be worn at a modest length when necessary, or rolled up for a flirtier look. They come in a variety of prints and colors, and you can pair them with the dressiest of tops, to a simple white v-neck. I love this pair with the seersucker print and scalloped bottom. It is a cute and young look, but also still appropriate.


A Lilly classic has always been their bathing suits. The amount of Lilly swimwear I’ve seen in “Summer!” albums on Facebook is countless, and if you’re looking to buy your first Lilly piece, you can start here. The tops range from the triangle shape to a bandeau with removable straps, and the bottoms can be with or without string ties on the hips. I personally love the bandeau look and swimming with the straps on, but taking them off when I want to catch some rays and tan. To complete the look, buy one of their cotton shift dresses as a cover up. The fabric is breathable enough to wear to the beach, and transitions nicely for other summer activities.


Lilly accessories can also be a great gift, and these can range from scarves to croakies. There is also a large variety of drinkware, including tumblers, pitchers, wine glasses, and koozies. Check out this link for some gift ideas, and enjoy Lilly’s complimentary ground shipping.

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