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Summer In Maine: A Poem

Summer in Maine is like living in a green wonderland.

White Pine Cone trees spiral up into the sky—a perfect place for migrating warblers to land. 

Summer in Maine means the rebirth of the many lakes and rivers, giving rise to the water activities we love. 

The soft waves of the Belgrade Lakes mimic the clear blue sky above.

Summer in Maine means afternoons spent tackling trails in Acadia.

Sounds of wildlife echo through the forest—more clear and crisp than heard on any media.

Summer in Maine is fleeting.

Every second brings us closer again to the never-ending coldness.

But for now, let the warmth of the sun greet us each morning. 

Gwendolen Huo is a junior at Colby College from New York City majoring in Environmental Studies and Art History. During her free time, Gwendolen enjoys embroidering, hanging out with friends, and baking.
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