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Sophie Wood ’19

This week, we sat down with Sophie Wood, a first-year who comes to Colby all the way from Australia! To learn more about this kangaroo loving ski bunny, keep reading!


Where are you from?


Do you have any siblings?

A younger sister, Georgia.

Any thoughts on your major?

Honestly, I have no idea. But I really like sociology and psychology. 

What are you involved in at Colby?

Ski team, school, and friends. 

How pumped are you for ski season to officially begin?!

Super pumped! Hopefully the team will have a ripper season. 

What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed between Colby and Australia?

There are no kangaroos.

What are you most excited about this year?

Just being at Colby!

Favorite dining hall?


Favorite theme song?

“Fresh Prince of Belair”.

Favorite nail polish color?

Saltwater Happy by Essie.

Fun fact about yourself:

I play the guitar.


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