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Sometimes You Need the Little Things in Life

One of my favorite quotes I have heard since the beginning of the pandemic is “wow do I miss precedented times.” It cracks me up because nobody ever thought of it that way until we found ourselves in these unprecedented times. I truly don’t think I have ever used the term ‘precedented’ in regular conversation, have you? Yet, here we are. We all miss the pre-pandemic precedented times. Some of the “major” issues we used to have now seem so trivial: “Do I go to the senior apartments ‘cause [insert hottie] is there?” or “Do I send it to heights ‘cause I hear it’s popping off?” Never again will I groan at the thought of straightening my hair, strapping on some sticky boobs, and going out on a Saturday night. 

Oftentimes, when someone asked how you were doing before COVID, the response was “Good!” Now, the response is “as good as I can be” or “yeah, just getting through it, you know.” NOPE. I’m not taking that. Totally acceptable to have your “sad-boi hours” sometimes because we all do, but we are all going through the same, unprecedented moment in life right now. So pull it together, savor every moment, and make the most of every second, because you can’t get it back. Be safe, but make sure you are happy. If we can’t laugh at the little things anymore like an insta reel of a baby and a bulldog cuddling, then we’re in trouble. However, that is what I want to emphasize: the little things. What I want to share with all of you is that I believe it’s the little things in life that give us joy. It may be a fleeting moment of temporary bliss but it sticks with us in the back of our minds, so when we think back to that moment, we smile.

It’s hard to recognize the little things as we experience them, but I want you to try and start recognizing the little things that provide you with the lasting happiness you deserve so that you may recreate these moments as best you can.

I began to recognize the little things that made me laugh and gain a sense of positivity and fulfillment when coming back to school this semester. Again, these are little things, but these little things are what might be the sources of our happiness in a time when we think that true happiness is unattainable (do not be fooled, happiness is always attainable with a positive mindset and hope):

When your favorite song/a song you used to love/a song that reminds you of the best days with loved ones happens to come up on your playlist when you hit shuffle (absolutely stellar feeling)
Coffee runs with your friends
When you go out and run into someone you haven’t seen in months
Getting any form of compliment (we love a good hype up)
Feeling that ‘click’ when you are doing work and suddenly all the dots connect, a lightbulb goes off, and you release an audible ‘ohhhh’ (automatic academic weapon)
The sun shining or setting at that perfect angle behind Miller for a college pamphlet-worthy shot
You are ending a call with your friend and they end it with ‘love you’
Finding a new insta account that actually has you cracking up (@theyeetbaby sendsss me)
An unexpected “how are you” or “how was ur night” text
Getting a good parking spot in Hillside (seriously, it is a miracle if you do)
Someone coming to you for advice
Walking into class the first day and seeing someone unexpected in your class (someone you enjoy the company of, of course)
When someone sends something over text or social media that made them think of you
Finishing a run with a ~glazed donut~ glow
A whiff of your favorite scented candle

I know these may seem lame, but read it again and tell me these aren’t the moments that make you smile and be thankful for your life and for having people who love you. I cannot stress enough that even though you will have bad moments, you can’t let 15 bad seconds ruin the other 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 45 seconds of your day. Allow the really exciting, funny, or silly 15 seconds of your day to lift your spirits. Our thoughts control our emotions; our emotions do not control our thoughts. Therefore, look for the little things when you need them most; It’s the little things that bring us joy, bring out the best in ourselves, and remind us that precedented times are not gone, but they are hidden in these often overlooked moments. It is our job to acknowledge and appreciate the little things that make us smile.

My name is Zoe Lash and I am currently a junior at Colby College where I am a French Studies and Global Studies double major and Managerial Economics minor. I am also a midfielder on Colby’s women’s lacrosse team.
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