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Lester Batiste ’13

Lester Batiste

Year: Sophomore - 2013
Major: English and Sociology
Relationship Status: Single
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Favorite Dining Hall: Roberts
On-Campus Activities: Football
Interests: Reading, Writing, Sports, Delicious Food, Good Music, Cartoon Network

Most Embarrassing Moment: "My most embarrassing moment was when I was eight years old during a family picnic. I was playing hide and go seek with my next door neighbor Ashley Johnson. I was the 'Seeker' and I found Ashley hiding under the table where all the food was. Ashley said 'For finding me, you get a present' and my present was my first kiss ever. Instead of enjoying the moment, my Aunt Caroline lifted the table cloth caught us. She told my mother who then proceeded spanked me in front of the whole picnic."

What you look for in a Girl: "Honestly, I wouldn't define myself as having a particular 'type' of girl that I like. I just love girls that I can hang out with and have a good time. I like a girl that loves to have fun, but at the same time would be willing to stay in and watch a movie on a saturday night with me. Someone that's a nice person and I like talking to."

Lester is the total package: funny, athletic, cute, and super sweet...not to mention Colby football's recent winning streak!

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Kassy is a sophomore at Colby College. She's a biology major hoping to attend one of Boston's prestigious medical schools. Kassy's real passion is food, however, whether it be cooking or eating, and she took her first step into the culinary arts this summer by becoming a certified bartender. She loves her hometown of Boston but would spend all her time on an island somewhere if she could. Her never-miss shows are Glee and The Office and she can't get enough Kenny Chesney music. Kassy's other favorite things include shopping (preferably at lululemon or Anthropologie), hot yoga, her puggle, Bailey, and Captiva Island, Florida.
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